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Diploma training in options trading


Diploma training in options trading


Diploma training in options trading


Diploma training in options trading


Online diploma training

Who is the trading course for?

  • This online training is intended for people who want to start a career in the financial industry or in a trading company.
  • It is a technical certification of a two-year post-graduate level which has been developed in collaboration with employers and professional associations in order to give it the best possible recognition.

Program of the course "Diploma training in trading"

Diploma training in options trading

Obtain a diploma in options trading (level 5 of the European framework)

For applicants seeking to acquire the professional skills to trade options, the BeTrader Academy Level 5 Advanced Diploma offers in-depth instruction in trading strategies as well as advanced options theory and practice.

The Advanced Level 5 Option Trading Diploma is the benchmark for learning. Developed in collaboration with employers in finance, the qualification is officially recognized and offers a solid opportunity for progression in the industry.

This diploma course is only offered online. The first part includes the theoretical courses accessible on our internet platform with an exam of 350 questions. Regarding the practice, we organize a video conference session including a personalized follow-up of your trading journal.

This qualification is based on obtaining professional skills as a Trader and includes the elements necessary to work effectively in the finance industry.

The Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading is the benchmark in the training of professional traders. Train yourself surrounded by traders active on a daily basis in the markets!

Module 1: Fundamentals of options

The aim of this module is to provide students most of the theory and practice of basic options. Students will develop an understanding of the language and terminology used in the options markets, while appreciating how and why options are traded in the financial markets. Upon completion, students will be able to both analyze and model option prices.

Module 2: Intermediate Option Theory and Trading Strategy

Students will develop a more in-depth understanding of options theory and practice, including an ability to explain and interpret the movements of options, including delta and delta hedge. Students will learn vertical, horizontal and volatility options trading strategies, as well as the reasons why underlying exposures can be hedged using options collars.

Module 3: Advanced Theory and Practice of Options

Participants will develop a high-level understanding of options theory and practice and an ability to interpret both volatility and volatility asymmetry using financial trading tools. They will also learn to discern the main variations of options including gamma, vega and theta. The basic principles of risk management of option positions on portfolios will also be analyzed in depth.

Approved center

Accessible to everyone

  • No prerequisites necessary
  • No diploma required
  • From at least 16 years old
  • Online course: 365 days

Access to trainer accounts

  • Practical training in a trading room.

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Since 2013, BeTrader offers professional training in options and futures trading for individuals.

BeTrader has a trading room in Brussels with a team of highly experienced and qualified Traders.

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