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Advanced diploma in financial trading: online course


Advanced diploma in financial trading: online course


Advanced diploma in financial trading: online course


Advanced diploma in financial trading: online course



Course benefits

  • European Qualification Framework (EQF)
  • Develop professional competence
  • Precision learning; enhanced employability
  • Enhanced functional skills

Program of the course "Diploma training in trading"

Advance diploma in finance and trading
(online course)


For existing or new traders looking to acquire a professional level of competency for trading on global markets, the Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading is the perfect choice.

Providing an unrivalled level of training that is industry-recognised and covers the core knowledge, skills and behaviours of the Level 6 Financial Services Standard Investment Banking & Investment Management options.

This course is created alongside some of the industry’s most prestigious employers and financial institutions to ensure the highest level of relevancy, competency and employability.

The Level 5 Advanced Trading diploma gives graduates and non-graduates alike the chance to learn within a regulated qualification framework (RQF) and is the equivalent of a Higher National Diploma (HND) holding 32 RQF qualification credits.

The Advanced Level 5 Diploma in Finance & Trading is the benchmark in the training of professional traders. Train yourself surrounded by traders active on a daily basis in the markets!


Section 1: Financial markets and operations

Learners will develop the knowledge and skills to understand and analyse how the financial markets operate, while summarising the economic history and how it impacts on today’s markets. They will learn how to explain the supply and demand within current economics and be able to define financial technical analysis. Students will also learn how to compare different analysis chart types and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of market analysis.

Section 2: Financial products and associated risks

Learners will develop a sound knowledge of the different types of financial products and the risk associated with them. They will also understand how to trade bonds, foreign exchange, commodities and assess the factors that could influence risk. Students will cultivate an understanding of the short-term interest rates and the index markets and how these influence trading.

Section 3: Financial Trading Techniques

Learners will develop a deeper proficiency of knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to trade, while learning how to keep a daily diary of the markets’ behaviours. They will learn how to evaluate the pricing support and resistance that creates the supply and demand. They will also be mentored in their own trading behaviour and produce a personal development plan for continued improvement.

Approved center

Accessible to everyone

  • No entry requirements
  • No diploma required
  • From at least 16 years old
  • Online course: 365 days

Access to trainer accounts

  • Practical training in a real trading floor

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