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Professional Training for Futures Traders


Professional Training for Futures Traders


Professional Training for Futures Traders


Professional Training for Futures Traders


Futures trading

Who should attend this course ?

  • The BeTrader program is our comprehensive education program for beginners or traders at any level.
  • Our academy is a unique opportunity to learn directly from our trading team, experience the fast-paced environment of a dynamic trading floor and meet other like-minded students with a passion for financial markets. 
  • We succeed when you succeed – so we have a vested interest in your long-term success as a trader. 

Professional training in Future trading

The futures course is given by Steven Van de Rijt. With more than 20 years of experience in finance, Steven is active on a daily basis as a trader on the financial markets and as a trainer. It also supports promising young traders early in their careers. This “trading Futures” course is the most complete to become a competent Future trader. This includes permanent personalized follow-up, to improve your profitability. You will learn not only very short term trading (scalping) through the order book, but also more complex strategies of short, medium or even long term spreads. You will be guided by professional traders, our goal is to ensure that you become also an expert in Futures trading. This training covers various angles.

4 modules:

  • Futures Trading on the order book (scalping, day / swing trading)
  • Inter-market spread trading on stock market indices
  • Intra-market spread trading (calendar spreads) on commodities
  • Intra-market spread trading on short term interest rates
  • Macro economy
  • Money and risk management


The students will attain the most relevant financial trading tools and theoretical knowledge to successfully begin – or excel in – their trading activity

Our leading consultants, coaches and course facilitators have a wealth of experience training global multinationals, financial exchanges, consumer goods companies and of course, students in the art of hedging, risk management, futures and options trading.

An important stage on the journey to becoming a trader is putting your passion for trading markets, resilient mindset and ability to practice. You may have acquired the skills and qualifications to trade but lack experience. From paper trading and demo accounts to online simulators, new traders have various opportunities to practice trading. It lets you test strategies in a range of market conditions without financial risk. You can also do it by using other performance technology.

You will have an access to our coaches’s real account  to analyze their trading’s strategies. Learning these methods allows you to become a professional trader or use trading as a side activity.

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Since 2013, BeTrader offers professional training in options and futures trading for individuals.

BeTrader has a trading room in Brussels with a team of highly experienced and qualified Traders.

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