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Legal Notice


Legal Notice


Legal Notice


Legal Notice



1. Applicability of the general conditions

These General Conditions, which may be amended, govern the relationship between the private limited liability company CM Capital Group registered with the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises under number 0629 821 196 whose head office is established at av Van Overbeke, 26A in 1083 Brussels, (hereinafter, the “Company”) and its customers (hereinafter, the “Customers”) subject to contrary provisions resulting from agreements or special conditions which take precedence over those of this text. Subject to contrary provisions, these conditions apply to all Customers, whether they are natural or legal persons.

These General Conditions are applicable to all price offers sent by the Company, to any agreement concluded between the Company and the Customers, and to all invoices from the Company, regardless of whether the domicile or the registered office of the Customer is located in Belgium or in another State, and if the provision of the services is carried out in Belgium or in another State.

Certain products or services may be governed by other terms and conditions, standards, guidelines or policies or may require you to agree to additional terms and conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between these General Conditions and the conditions governing a specific product or service, the latter shall prevail.

2. Products and Services

2.1 Learning to trade

2.1.1 Nature and characteristics of the training

The module 1 “learning to trade” lasting 3 days (from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) has been set up in order to ‘to learn the basics of professional trading. This training allows you to understand the essential theoretical notions on the functioning of financial markets.

2.1.2 Prerequisites and level of prior knowledge required
This course is intended for any beginner wishing to discover the trading activity.
2.1.3 Organization of training

Introductory training is given at the company’s operating headquarters from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (subject to change) :

CM Capital Goup sprl

Park Lane: Culliganlaan 2D, 1831 Diegem

2.1.4 Price of training

The registration fee for the introductory trading training is EUR 330.00 excluding VAT, i.e. EUR 399.00 including VAT for a period of 3 days

2.1.5 Terms of payment for training

Unless there is a prior express and written exemption, the total amount of the products or services ordered or additional must be paid before the start of their supply by the Company. If payment is not made before the first day of the training, the place reserved for the Customer will be lost. Customers may be asked to present proof of payment before the start of the supply of products or services.

The amount must be paid by transfer to the Company’s account specified on the agreement or the purchase order specified on the purchase order or invoice

Any amount not paid on its due date will automatically and without prior notice make contractual interest payable at the rate of 12% on an annual basis and on the unpaid amount, until full payment. A lump sum compensation of 15% will also be due automatically and without formal notice on the principal unpaid amount, with a minimum of 50.00 EUR.

2.1.6 Withdrawal period

From the date of signature of the contract, the Customer has a period of 14 calendar days to withdraw. He informs the Company by email with an acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, no sum can be demanded from the Client as soon as the execution of the training has not started.

2.1.7 Suspension, interruption and non-performance of training

If the Client starts training but decides not to follow all or part of the training, no reimbursement from the Company will be due.

If the Client is prevented from following the training due to force majeure duly recognized by the Company, the contract is terminated and the services actually provided will be due. pro rata temporis .

2.2 Risks associated with transactions in financial instruments

The Clients recognize and accept that the Company is not an investment company within the meaning of the law of 2 August 2002 on the supervision of the financial sector and on financial services, which the Company is not required to collect from Clients share information relating to their investment knowledge and experience, nor assess the suitability of any Client investment product or service.

The Company does not provide any investment service within the meaning of the Law of 2 August 2002 on the supervision of the financial sector and on financial services. Consequently, the Company does not provide investment advice, portfolio management, execution or receipt and transmission of orders on financial instruments, or custody service for financial instruments. The Company does not provide management, tax or legal advice. The Company does not provide any personalized investment recommendation.

Transactions in financial instruments involve specific risks. Where applicable, Clients are invited to request and consult the brochure relating to the essential characteristics and risks of the financial instruments of the investment firm providing them with investment services.

The Clients recognize and accept that the Company declines all responsibility for damages resulting from transactions carried out by the Clients in financial instruments.

3. Modification

The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify these Terms and Conditions and any other conditions, standards, policies or guidelines, at any time and without notice. If these General Conditions are modified, the Company will send a modification notification by e-mail. The modifications of these General Conditions will come into force at the time of their publication.

4. Eligibility

The apprenticeship trading training is only for people aged 16 or over.

5. Company content

The Company grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view any Company content solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Customers are not authorized to sublicense any of the license rights granted to you in this section.

Customers are prohibited from using, copying, adapting, translating, modifying, producing any derivative work based on the products or services or content of the Company. Customers are prohibited from distributing, selling, licensing, selling, transferring, displaying or publicly performing, transmitting, disseminating or exploiting, in any way, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms and Conditions. No license or shall be implicitly granted to Customers or otherwise under any intellectual property right belonging to the Company or its licensors, except for the licenses and rights expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions.

6. Termination, Suspension and Other Measures

The Company may immediately and without notice terminate these General Conditions if you have substantially violated these General Conditions or other conditions, if you have violated applicable laws and regulations or the rights of third parties, or if the Company believes in good faith such action is reasonably necessary to protect the safety or rights of other Customers or other third parties, for the purposes of fraud prevention, risk assessment, security or investigation.

In the event of termination of these General Conditions, the clauses which should reasonably continue after the termination of these General Conditions will remain in force.

7. Compensation

The Customers agree to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company, as well as its officers, directors, employees and agents, from all liability relating to any claim, liability, damage, loss and expense, including in particular, reasonable legal and accounting costs, arising from or related in any way to their access to or use of the products and services.

8. Entire Agreement

Unless they may be supplemented by a document mentioned or incorporated into these General Conditions, the General Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Company and the Customers concerning the products and services offered. These General Conditions cancel and replace any other previous agreement, oral or written, between the Company and the Customers concerning the products and the services.

9. Assignment

Customers may not assign or transfer these General Conditions, by operation of law or otherwise, without the prior written consent of the Company. Subject to the preceding stipulations, these General Conditions shall be binding and take effect for the benefit of the parties, their successors and their authorized beneficiaries.

10. Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

These General Conditions and the access and use by Customers of the products and services offered will be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. Any dispute relating to the validity, interpretation and / or execution of these General Conditions which could not be settled amicably between the Parties, will be submitted exclusively to the Courts and Tribunals of Brussels.

11. General

If one or more of the clauses of these General Conditions were declared null or inapplicable due to the application of a law or a rule enacted by a court, this nullity would not affect the validity of the other clauses. No omission or delay by the Company in exercising any right or remedy available to it under these General Conditions or applicable law shall constitute a waiver. The waiver of a right or recourse will only be effective if it is the subject of a written document signed by a duly authorized representative of the Company.

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