After your training, you have the possibility to rent a trading desk for 349 €/month

Post-training : Rent a trading desk today at our Trading floor in Zaventem

1. MORNING MEETING (overview of world markets and macro events that may create intraday trading opportunities)

2. ACCESS TO REAL ACCOUNTS (access to your trainer’s account from the trading room)

3. FOLLOW THE NEXT COURSE SESSIONS IN VIDEO (access to the updated video database from the trading room, follow the evolution of strategies)

4. MONTHLY MEETING WITH YOUR TRAINER (debriefing of your trades)

5. ACCESS TO YOUR OWN TRADING DESK IN THE MARKET ROOM (8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 5 days a week)

6. SHARING (with the other traders in the floor)

Be inside the trader community! Communicate and discuss market news and trade setups with your colleagues.