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Avenue Louise 475 1050 Bruxelles.


02 319 26 00

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Christophe Kleizynsky

Christophe Kleizynsky is a self-taught entrepreneur and founder of the EC Partners Group in 1995.

Christophe Kleizynsky, a passionate analyst on the American stock markets, creates in the private proprietary trading firm ECMA Trading.

Today, Christophe Kleizynsky, co-founder of Be Trader, active on a daily basis as a financial market trader, and himself also coach, proposes professional strategies in trading based on his knowledges and the result of his personal experience of Trader.

Christophe is a passionate technical analyst, but also has an excellent global macro view of the financial markets.

Fonctions :

  • Managing Partner BE TRADER
  • Head Of Trading BE TRADER
  • Coach & Mentor BE TRADER
  • Managing Partner ALPHA CAPITAL
  • Senior Trader ALPHA CAPITAL
  • Proprietary trader

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