Steven Van de Rijt

Consultant | Trader & Coach

After years in the publishing world, Steven Van de Rijt is now active as an independent trader and consultant for BE TRADER. He followed all BE TRADER trading courses and now trades on his own account. It also supports promising young traders early in their careers. In addition to his activities as a trader for […]

Jean-Marc Michelet

Consultant | Trader & Mentor

Jean-Marc Michelet has been in finance for 25 years. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Liège and a Financial Analyst (ABAF) and He collaborates with BeTrader since 2018. He began with 15 years of experience with the Degroof Bank where he set up and headed the derivatives and structured products department […]

Christophe Kleizynsky-EN

Managing & Founding Partner| Trader & Coach

Christophe Kleizynsky is a self-taught entrepreneur and founder of the EC Partners Group in 1995.

Christophe Kleizynsky, a passionate analyst on the American stock markets, creates in partnership with Maxime Lacrosse the private investment fund ECMA Trading and Alpha Capital.

Today, Christophe Kleizynsky, co-founder of Be Trader, active on a daily basis as a financial market trader, and himself also coach, proposes professional strategies in trading based on his knowledges and the result of his personal experience of Trader.

Christophe is a passionate technical analyst, but also has an excellent global macro view of the financial markets.