Our team of traders is also in charge of the management of a private proprietary trading firm.

ALPHA CAPITAL: Private Equity proprietary trading firm

Alpha Capital is a trademark of CM Capital Group located in Belgium in the heart of the financial center.
Alpha Capital Fund focus on derivatives in europe. ALPHA CAPITAL seeks to provide the most attractive performance over the year while keeping a reasonnable, calculated and daily regulated level of risk. We also maintain a perfect level of liquidity. Our investment strategy consists in operating on the derivatives products and find its origin in our ability to optimize the risk/return ratio.

Alpha capital is not open to private retail investors. It’s a private equity company with proprietary trading activities. We only manage our own money.


Generating high level of Alpha by managing risks


  • ETP's (futures markets)
  • Recherches quantitatives & strat├ęgies
  • Performance & Discipline
  • Risk management
  • Trading & technologies